SKELETONBEATS = Cutting Edge in House MUSIC!

Music of Skeletonbeats by Producer and DJ : Ali & Arash (MIRAGE)

Bay area native Ali Rashid & Arash Radmand have been DJing & producing their music for close to ten years. Their style is called DEEP HOUSE. Very Popular and well accepted in the SF music scene and it's urban culture.

They used to participate in Rave and Underground parties in early 90's when they were both still in high school. They produced various remixes mostly white labels for promoters and clubbers.

2002 & 2003 were busy years for their music production & promotion.
Residency at Club Seance (now called Bambudha Lounge)in San Francisco with Nicole Radmand (Vocal in French & English doing her Poetechtrip), and working with M&N Productions (Martel and Nabiel) to also spin at RELEASE (1015 Folsom on Saturday night VIP Room) kept them musically challenged!

2004 & 2005 New Release About Skeletonbeats Music:

Skeletonbeats music is compared to Dj/Producer Shadow, as Skeletonbeats also produce their own beats & sounds effects at their Private Studio and collaborate with other live instruments like Guitar, Violin and Drums (Tabla & Setar; Percussion) to create international ambiant sounds / effects.

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Deep House
They both listen & spin all kinds of music trends from Heavy metal to rare-groove on to hip-hop, progressive, acid jazz, world music and so on but their interest is mostly house and they are both convinced that Deep House is their niche.

For 2004 their goal is to master more Vinyl, produced and mastered at their New Remodeled Studio in the South Bay.

It's all about MUSIC!!

Upcoming Events for 2005 in SF :

April (TBA)DJ Ali of Skeletonbeats Production at
The Velvet Lounge
443 Broadway Street in San Francisco

Past Performances:

"Sofa" every Thursdy
Thirsty Bear in San Francisco

August 29th Mission Rock in SF

November 2005

Minna Gallery 111 Minna Street, SF TBA

"Ventures" Dj. Ali & Julius Papp

Favorite Clubs and Hangouts
Release and Square (M&N)in San Francisco
Exit in New York
Spundae in San Francisco
Budha Bar in Paris, France
Space Club in Ibiza,Spain

Please send an e mail to the following e mail address for booking & any other request:

Behind the Scenes

Well it's all about music. We all have full time jobs and at night producing music to share with the world.

For Booking:Studio Baiser(408)249-5933 Leave Message for Nicole

Or Dj Ali at (510)396-396-7714

Always, Love, Peace and MUSIC
Bon Voyage or

Please call us for booking at (408)249-7274 or Ali's Cell (408)307-3669